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9/20/2014 - 10/19/2014

Clink! A Taste of Oregon Wine at the Oregon Historical Society
July 21, 2014 - September 27, 2014
June 11, 2014 – Sept. 20, 2014 Oregon boasts an environment ripe for creating wines of distinction. Clink! tells the stories of some of the individuals and institutions who propelled Oregon wine onto the national and international stage. The exhibition traces the history of Oregon wines from the earliest vineyards to legislative efforts to control alcohol during Prohibition to the resurgence of the wine industry in the 1960s and finally to what the future may bring for these thriving Oregon bus...
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Featured Events

Featured Events

Run, Bike and Climb for a Cause in Portland

By Lisa Chinn

Portlanders are known for being outdoorsy. Ask most Portlanders what they like to do, and chances are you will get running, biking, hiking, climbing or snow sports as an answer. Although many locals simply go for a run or bike in Forest Park on their own, Portland also offers many athletic events that raise money for good causes. These fundraisers are a great way to meet people with similar interests, see the city, and push yourself to train a little bit harder. Full story >>

RiverCity Music Festival

By Lisa Chinn

The RiverCity Music Festival is one of Portland’s biggest annual music events. Commonly referred to as “the bluegrass festival” Full story >>

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