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Largest Cities

10 Largest Cities in Oregon

The 10 Largest Cities in Oregon

Portland lays claim to being the largest in Oregon in terms of population. More than half a million people live in the city and many multiples of that number living in the nearby and surrounding area.  Portland is by far the leader for the state, if you took the 2nd through 6th most populous in Oregon and combined them, Portland is still the winner.

Portland is the urban hub of the state and the center of commerce, craft, culture and industry. Many of the other large cities are built around the City of Roses and contribute to the local economy and jobs in this major city.

In respect to the population of the entire state of Oregon, Portland accounts for roughly 15% of the total population.

The 10 Largest Cities in Oregon

According to the 2010 US Census the population of Oregon is 3,831,074.  The ten most populated cities in Oregon are:

  • Portland: 583,776
  • Eugene: 156,185
  • Salem: 154,637
  • Gresham: 105,594
  • Hillsboro: 91,611
  • Beaverton: 89,803
  • Bend: 76,639
  • Medford: 74,907
  • Springfield: 59,403
  • Corvallis: 54,462

Looking at these numbers you can see that if you combined the ten largest cities in Oregon, there are approximately 1.4 million people that live there. This combined number represents approximately 40% of the entire population of Oregon.

Top 10 Largest Counties in Oregon

  • Multnomah: 735,334
  • Washington: 529,710
  • Clackamas: 375,992
  • Lane: 351,715
  • Marion: 315,335
  • Jackson: 203,206
  • Deschutes: 157,733
  • Linn: 116,672
  • Douglas: 107,667
  • Yamhill: 99,193