Museum of Contemporary Craft


Founder Lydia Herrick Hodge, and other early organizers such as Katherine Macnab, had been educated at the University of Oregon under the tutelage of Victoria Avakian. Both Hodge and Macnab studied in Paris during the modern art movement. Hodge, upon her return from Paris, organized the University Alumni Art League, an association dedicated to promoting Oregon artists. The alliance acquired a four-lot site from the city in the historic Lair Hill. The price was modest in exchange for their promise to fire Portland school children's ceramics in their kiln. Thus, Oregon Ceramic Studio began. The Studio was built with donated materials by Works Progress Administration labor (WPA). During its early years before becoming Contemporary Crafts Gallery in 1965, Contemporary Crafts Museum & Gallery in 2002 and then Museum of Contemporary Craft in 2007 the Oregon Ceramic Studio hosted several exhibitions and participated in design campaigns crucial to the cultivation of the Northwest's legacy of craft. From day one, this vital organization has contributed to the advancement of craft and has regularly shown and documented the work of artists from the Pacific Northwest as well as those of national acclaim. Today, positioned in a much more visible and accessible location, the Museum continues to be a beloved regional hub where people connect creatively, professionally and socially through craft. As it moves forward on a more ambitious trajectory than ever, Museum of Contemporary Craft will continue to be guided by the core goals of the organization’s founders – to present excellence in contemporary craft, to support artists and their work, to connect the community directly with artists, to deepen the understanding and appreciation of craft, and to expand the audience that values craft and its makers. News & Press Releases $6.5 Million Capital Campaign Continues to Build Momentum Contemporary Crafts Museum & Gallery Steps Forward with a New Identity Museum of Contemporary Craft Secures $2.5 Million craft in america: Expanding Traditions Framing - The Art of Jewelry Handmade for the Holidays The Living Room Genertaions: Ken Shores Contemporary Craft's 1 Year Anniversary Dyne bends glass and expectations in installation at Museum of Contemporary C... Exhibition honors Gertrud and Otto Natzler, two pioneers in modern ceramics