TriMet MAX Light Rail
TriMet MAX Light Rail

TriMet MAX Light Rail

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TriMet MAX Light Rail Service

TriMet MAX Light Rail Service

TriMet operates a total of 95 light rail vehicles (LRVs) made up of three groups or "types"—Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3.

TriMet's MAX trains travel about half a million miles per month along 38 miles of track that stretch from Gresham and the Portland International Airport all the way to Hillsboro. Twenty-eight percent of all weekday transit trips are taken on MAX.

MAX (Metropolitan Area Express) is TriMet's light rail system serving the Portland metropolitan area. The three MAX lines (Blue, Red and Yellow) run on 44 miles of track and serve 64 stations.

MAX Light Rail Statistics & Figures

  • Each weekday, MAX eliminates 74,000 car trips off our roads, easing traffic congestion and helping keep our air clean. That adds up to 24.5 million fewer car trips each year.
  • TriMet’s MAX and buses combined eliminate 205,200 daily car trips, 64.7 million trips each year.
  • In all, TriMet service eliminates about 4.2 tons of smog-producing pollutants each day.
  • More people ride TriMet than transit systems in larger cities, such as Seattle, Denver and Miami.
  • TriMet carries more people in the Portland metro area than any other U.S. transit system its size. Weekly ridership on buses and MAX has increased for 20 consecutive years.
  • MAX carries 26% of afternoon rush-hour commuters traveling from downtown on the Sunset Hwy. and Banfield Fwy. corridors.